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Magnum Series
XR5, XR7, XR9
 Part Numbers (232740, 232745, 232750)
X5 Part Number (262800) Series A, B, C, D
X5 Part Number (262800) Series E
X7 Part Number (262805) Series A, B, C
X7 Part Number (262805) Series D
LTS 15 Part Number (257060) Series A, B, C
LTS 15 Part Number (17K955) Series A
LTS 17 Part Number (257065) Series A, B
LTS 17 Part Number (17K960) Series A
Pro X7 Part Number (261815) Series A, B
ProX17 Part Number (17C177, 17G178)
Pro X9 Part Number (261820) Series A, B
ProX19 Part Number (17G179, 17G180)
ProLTS 17 Part Number (257070) Series A
ProLTS 170 Part Number (17H198)
ProLTS 19 Part Number (257080) Series A
ProLTS 190 Part Number (17H206)
190es 1st Generation Part Numbers (232900, 232901, 233979,233815
190es 210es 2nd Generation Part Numbers (261825, 261830, 255198)
190LTS 210LTS 
Part Numbers (257075, 257418 & 257085)

TEXFINISH Part Number (246185)
TX65 Part Number (254970)
TX90 Part Number (254986) 
 Part Number (254972)

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