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17H458 LineLazer V 5900 2 Auto Guns

$ 16,039.00

Graco 17H458 LineLazer V 5900 Line Striper 2 Automatic Guns

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  • The LineLazer V 5900 continues to be the mid to heavy-duty striping solution for professional contractors who recognize the increased productivity this leader delivers. With it’s ability to use 1 or 2-gun airless paint guns there are no jobs too big or small for the LineLazer V 5900 – large parking lots, city streets and everything in between. Known for years by professional contractors for its productivity, the innovations of this new generation positions the 5900 to again exceed all expectations.

  •  Includes: Flex Plus Gun, 50' x 3/8" Hose & 319 Tip
     Maximum Tip Size: .043
     Operating Pressure: 0-3300 psi
     Gallons per Minute: 1.6
     Motor: Honda GX160
     Weight: 266 LBS 

  • Easy Reach Controls
    Operator controls are located on the handle bars
    You can fine tune the striper without stopping Handle Bar Design
    High-comfort design for greater control and less operator fatigue
    Contoured grips comfortably fit your hands Electronic Pressure Control
    Accurate, tight tolerance system provides excellent line quality
    Chromex™ Pump Rod
    Long life rod treatment for the most demanding materials
    Four times harder than ordinary chrome
    Honda Power
    Contractor preferred–excellent power and proven reliability
    Exclusive Easy Out Filter System
    60 mesh filter for no plug performance
    Inside-out filtering prevent clogs
    Endurance™ Paint Pump
    Industry best performance
    Proven design with 25 years of success
    Front Swivel Wheel
    Provides easier “up to the curb” parking lot striping and hard-to-do curves
    Tapered locking pin design for years of dependable operation 
    Standard LineLazer V Features:
    New EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

    Simple guide mark system
    Easy gun on/off, front/back
    Perfect gun set up– every time
    New EZ Align Front Wheel System
    Keeps unit tracking straight
    Intuitive design
    New DualComfort Handle Bar System
    Fits all users– easy to adjust
    Solid 8-bolt design
    New LiveLook Display with SmartControl
    Tracks all aspects of you
    New Automatic, Semi-Automatic Guns
    Push button control for accurate stripes every time
    New Auto-Layout II
    Easy to use– cuts layout time in half
    Exclusive Green Laser Guidance
    New Data Logging with J-Log System
    On-board job information for "proof" of completion
    New On-Board Power
    12V battery for all your accessory items
    New One-Touch Stripes
    Walk behind first

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