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433-801 Hydra M 4000

$ 9,400.00

Speeflo 433-801 Hydra M 4000

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  • The all-around powerhouse hydraulic sprayer for any application. This solid, ultra-slow-stroking, three gallon per minute hydraulic system delivers the heaviest, most viscous coatings to any interior and exterior surface with maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

    Extra pressure for hard to atomize coatings or long hoses

  •  Includes: Bare Sprayer No Hose or Gun
     Maximum Tip Size: .060
     Operating Pressure: 0-4000 psi
     Gallons per Minute: 3.3
     Motor: Honda GX390
     Weight: 370 LBS 

  • Built for the really tough jobs!   

    Longest slowest stroke for maximum life   

    Ultra-high capacity hydraulic system keeps its cool in the harshest conditions   

    Hand-tight cylinder and foot valve for quick and easy maintenance   

    Severe service 500 hard chrome piston and cylinder for extra long life   

    Spring-loaded self-adjusting UHMWPE packing system eliminates premature wear from over-tightening


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