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Wagner Contractor ProGold Parts Page

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Most parts are still available.

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The following parts are for all these models:Wagner Contractor ProGold Paint Sprayer
935, 945, 965

935-945 Packing Kit     965 Packing Kit          935-945 Rod               965 RodWagner Contractor ProGold Paint Sprayer
     Packing Kit               Packing Kit               Rod                 Rod
        935/945                         965                   935/945               965
         $38.00                       $42.75                  $61.75             $63.65
         20-2603                        20-2750                  57-2602              57-2604

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   Retainer               Outlet Seat               Inlet Seat               294300 Inlet Cage               Inlet Ball Stop
 Retainer         Outlet Seat         Inlet Seat         Inlet Cage        Inlet Ball Stop
     $7.60               $16.15                $40.85   NO LONGER SOLD       $3.80
    12-2766               58-2791                 295570                 295300                    295304
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Wagner Contractor ProGold Paint Sprayer


512250 prime valve kit     25 foot 1/4" Airless Hose          50 foot 1/4" Airless Hose
             Prime Valve Kit                        25ft x 1/4 Hose                         50ft x 1/4 Hose
                    $38.00                                   $28.50                                    $38.00
                     512250                                   HSE1425                                     240-794

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             512220 Pickup Tube                     270369 old syyle inlet strainer          516197 stand pickup assembly               0516697 inlet strainer
       Pickup Tube                Inlet Strainer                      Pickup Tube                       Inlet Strainer
            945/965                         945/965                                    935                                         935
             $28.50                             $4.56                                   $33.06                                    $4.75
          512220-A                         270369                                 516197                                0516697
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The Gun, Tips & Tip Housing below are the New Style 7/8" Thread NOT the Original 11/16" Thread!

             Airless Gun              Tip Housing              243004 Reversible Tip Seal                    14-833 100 mesh gun filter              14-832 60 mesh gun filter
                       Spray Gun                                           Tip Housing                  Tip Seal               100 mesh Gun Filter          60 mesh Gun Filter
                      with 515 Tip                                             No Seal
               OUT OF STOCK                                          $18.05                    $4.75                         $2.85                          $2.85
                             802                                                     633603                       243-004                           14-833                              14-832
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           ASM Reversible Tips
           Reversible Tip

Choose Tip Size and Add to Cart

Tip Chart: The first number is doubled for the fan size and the last 2 numbers are the orifice size (415 tip is = 8" fan with a .015 orifice)

Tip Size

Min. GPM Required




gloss & Semi- gloss latex paints



general purpose
most latex paints

Parts Drawings 
Wagner Contractor ProGold Series 935/945/965
Click on Thumbnail for larger image.

   Contractor Pro Gold 935/945 Pump     935/945 Pressure Control     Contractor Pro Gold 965 Pump     965 Pressure Control
           935/945                   935/945                      965                          965
       Pump Parts         Pressure Control         Pump Parts        Pressure Control

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